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MORNMembrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus
MORNMother of Red Nations Women's Council of Manitoba (Canada)
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Fairest of Starrs, last in the train of Night, If better thou belong not to the dawn, Sure pledge of day, that crownst the smiling Morn With thy bright Circlet, praise him in thy Spheare While day arises, that sweet hour of Prime.
Haste hither EVE, and worth thy sight behold Eastward among those Trees, what glorious shape Comes this way moving; seems another Morn Ris'n on mid-noon; som great behest from Heav'n To us perhaps he brings, and will voutsafe This day to be our Guest.
The Sun that light imparts to all, receives From all his alimental recompence In humid exhalations, and at Even Sups with the Ocean: though in Heav'n the Trees Of life ambrosial frutage bear, and vines Yeild Nectar, though from off the boughs each Morn We brush mellifluous Dewes, and find the ground Cover'd with pearly grain: yet God hath here Varied his bounty so with new delights, As may compare with Heaven; and to taste Think not I shall be nice.
Eevning approachd (For we have also our Eevning and our Morn, We ours for change delectable, not need) Forthwith from dance to sweet repast they turn Desirous, all in Circles as they stood, Tables are set, and on a sudden pil'd With Angels Food, and rubied Nectar flows: In Pearl, in Diamond, and massie Gold, Fruit of delicious Vines, the growth of Heav'n.
"Then, if her father be the man that I take him to be, I will undertake that he shall give you both his blessing as wedded man and wife, in the place of old Sir Stephen, and upon his wedding morn. But stay, now I bethink me, there is one thing reckoned not upon-- the priest.
They are for unhappy people, like me, who must learn to distil by learned patience the aurum potabile from the husks of life, the peace which happier mortals find lying like manna each morn upon the meadows."
After listening to arguments from Morn's defence lawyer and the court prosecutor at the July 10 hearing, the Supreme Court decided that the lower court's sentence of 15 years imprisonment was lawful.
Yes an April morn to treasure , so calm so clear and still.
Cuban agents kidnapped Morn Santiago last year and left him on a runway in Guyana without money or food and only his passport, threatening to send him to prison if he came back to Cuba.
In its publicity note, "September Morn" demands that the government "revisit and initiates [sic] a thorough and independent investigation to the tragic events of 911."
I watch Teen Morn occasionally and am disgusted with how glamorous they make it look.