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MORONMain Organization Revealing Obvious Numbskulls
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lenis, criadas en el laboratorio y seleccionadas para su descripcion morfologica se fijaron y conservaron previamente siguiendo la metodologia propuesta por Moron y Terron (1988).
Nol dan do mewn cegin newydd foethus, mae Bryn yn creu prif gwrs - confit moron a bol porc.
Hidalgo ocupa el tercer lugar nacional en riqueza especifica de estos generos, siendo superado por Veracruz con 16 especies y Oaxaca con 15 (Delgado y Marquez, 2006; Marquez, 2008; Moron y Marquez, 2012), aunque su extension territorial es notablemente menor que la de estos estados.
A 57 km spur line from the main Ovoot to Erdenet line would be required to connect to Moron should this be justified (refer Figure 1).
Would you want someone to call your friend a moron or your son a moron in this situation?
The place was full of loud, loutish morons and drunken yobs.
The characters and terms used in the descriptions are those of Sanderson (1958), Saylor (1942), Moron (1986), and Woodruff & Beck (1989).
Fat lot of good that does - by then the morons are in bed.
He began visiting the maestro's hometown of Moron de la Frontera in 1995, and eventually started jamming with two of Diego's descendants, Paco de Amparo (guitarist) and Pepe Torres (dancer).
Democracy links the four converging stories that Zaki (political science, Hood College, Maryland) tells about the private black college established on the Chesapeake Bay after the Civil War, and more specifically about Moron (1909-71), who enrolled at the college and ended up being its president for 10 years.
We are predicting 125 ships for 2006-2007," says Guillermo Moron, the port's president.