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MTRMontreal (Amtrak station code; Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
MTRMountaintop Removal (coal mining method)
MTRMass Transit Railway
MTRMid-Term Review
MTRMuzeul Taranului Roman (Romanian: Romanian Peasant Museum)
MTRMovimiento Teresa Rodriguez (Spanish: Teresa Rodriguez Movement; Argentina)
MTRMechanized Time Reporting
MTRMedia Transfer Rate
MTRManagement Traffic Regulator
MTRManually Test a Response
MTRMass Text Replacer
MTRMagnetization Transfer Ratio
MTRMeet the Robinsons (animated film)
MTRMuseum of Television and Radio
MTRMarginal Tax Rate (How the government taxes us in brackets)
MTRMissile Testing Range (Russia)
MTRMobile Termination Rate
MTRMinistry of Tourism
MTRMeridian Township Range (various locations)
MTRMaterials Test Reactor
MTRMilitary Training Route
MTRMaterial Test Report
MTRMaximum Transmission Unit
MTRMilitary Technical Revolution
MTRMotion to Revoke (bail or probation)
MTRMissile Tracking Radar
MTRMass Text Replacer (software)
MTRMiller Tabak Roberts Securities, LLC
MTRMedical Transcriptionist
MTRMaterial Testing Reactor
MTRMaximum Transition Run
MTRManagement Team Review (various locations)
MTRMean Time to Restore
MTRMagnetic Tape Recorder
MTRMavalli Tiffin Room
MTRModule Test and Repair
MTRMagnetic Tape Recording
MTRMarine Transportation Related (EPA)
MTRMotorized Transportation Regiment (Iraqi Transportation Corps)
MTRMaximum Tolerable Risk
MTRMarubeni Techno Rubber Corporation (Japan)
MTRMummy: the Resurrection (game)
MTRMiniature Temperature Recorder
MTRMinimum Technical Requirement
MTRMontour Railroad Company
MTRMandatory Turn-In Repairable
MTRMinimum Technology Requirement
MTRMobile Traffic Recording (collects all uplink information for a specific operator defined GSM mobile phone)
MTRMonths To Roll
MTRMaster in Translational Research
MTRMilitary Training for Ratings
MTRMultiple Tablets Regimen (medical treatment)
MTRMultiple Threat Response
MTRMaritime Training Response (US FEMA)
MTRMajandustegevuse Registrister
MTRMoon Town Records
MTRMaximun Thermal Retention (Columbia)
MTRMerchandise Transfer Report
MTRMetallurgical Test Report
MTRManufacturer's Test Results (oilfield casing)
MTRMulti-User Transmitted Reference
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Spokesman for the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria Brigadier General Vladimir Zolotokhin said Sunday that the terrorist groups carried out a heavy mortar attack on a medical center in Eastern Ghouta during the daily ceasefire in the region.
Using your brick trowel, scoop up some mortar and lay it on the bottom surface of your opening.
MIX YOUR MORTAR Wherever you mix it, cement will stain, so you need a large wooden board (at least a square metre) as a surface.
Our MAPAM mortar round revolutionised the way infantry units approached mortar-based combat, and now, with our new THOR 120mm mortar round, we are pushing the boundaries even further, says Stephan Kocher, head of Saab Bofors Dynamics Switzerland.
Precision mortars are necessary when Soldiers can't afford for the first mortar round to be off target, such as in an urban environment where civilians could get hurt or buildings destroyed.
The use of Cement mortar is extremely harmful which leads to unfortunate consequences as observed during the visual surveys Figure 1, which is as follows:
Accordingly, the ID/IQ contract worth USD103m and to be completed in five years, will support the Army's Product Manager for Guided Precision Munitions and Mortar Systems for US and foreign allied delivery requirements.
The strengths of cement and concrete can be predicted before the start of construction but it is difficult to predict the strength of lime mortar under various environmental conditions.
Regarding dismounted infantry, the tendency is to have the 81mm at battalion level whereas mechanized units usually have the 120mm mortar mounted on a vehicle.
Hear from the Canadian Army, US Army Europe, Swedish Army and the Military Technical Institute of the Czech Republic on their mortar projects including non-lethal flashbacks, lightweight and self-propelled mortar systems
TROOPS can no longer fire mortars at full range in training as the noise breaks health and safety rules.