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MOSAICSMultidimensional Observational System for the Analysis of Interactions in Clinical Supervision (speech pathology)
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The sculpturing and mosaic work were both finely executed, giving evidence of a high degree of artistic skill.
hear!' said the smoking gentleman, in the Mosaic jewellery.
Breakfast over, Aunt Polly had family worship: it began with a prayer built from the ground up of solid courses of Scriptural quotations, welded together with a thin mortar of originality; and from the summit of this she delivered a grim chapter of the Mosaic Law, as from Sinai.
He was always smoking one cigarette and making another; as he lit the new one the glow fell upon a strange pin that he wore, a pin with a tiny crucifix inlaid in mosaic. So the religious cast of Senhor Santos was brought twice home to me in the same moment, though, to be sure, I had often been struck by it before.
(sometimes they make a mosaic work, of intricate designs, wrought in pebbles or little fragments of marble laid in cement,) and grand salons hung with pictures by Rubens, Guido, Titian, Paul Veronese, and so on, and portraits of heads of the family, in plumed helmets and gallant coats of mail, and patrician ladies in stunning costumes of centuries ago.
Classes will run every Wednesday from 10am until 1pm for three or six weeks and will be run by the leading mosaic artist in Cyprus who is also internationally acclaimed.
Mosaic is an art or mural made by assembling small pieces of colored glass, ceramic tiles, stones or similar types of material.
Damascus, SANA- Sitting in his shop at Takia Sulaimaniya, Craftsman Anwar Shaaban uses his chisel to compact tiny artistic pieces close to each other, and he ends up creating a magnificent artistic piece of mosaic.
"The mosaic of Apostle Markos was violently detached and stolen from the church, between 1977-79 by the Turkish looter and art dealer Aydin Dikmen, along with the rest of the mosaics depicting the Apostles and other saints," said the department.
And the content of the mosaics themselves seem to contradict previous historical perceptions.
Foshan, China, June 07, 2018 --( FISHFUN, a foremost stone mosaic company in China is breaking grounds in the building and construction industry with their introduction of the latest marble mosaic craftsmanship.