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the most-favored-nation and national treatment clauses.
1999) Most-Favored-Nation (Normal-Trade Relations) Policy of the United States (CRS Issue Brief-IB93107, June 7, 2000), Washington DC: Congressional Research Service.
Santiago explained the condition prohibits three clauses -- a national treatment clause accords Japanese the same rights as those accorded to Filipinos, a most-favored-nation clause between the two states provides that each state will treat the other as well as any other state that is given preferential treatment, and a performance requirement imposes certain conditions for investment activities in the Philippines.
That's why, for example, the United States government acted wisely in rising above partisanship to renew most-favored-nation trading status for China during the 1990s.
Observers date the latest round of religious/business tensions to the mid-1990s disagreement over whether to continue Chinas most-favored-nation trading status.
Some might fear that this head-start for these countries might undermine efforts to reduce most-favored-nation (MFN) protection.
The treaty sets forth legal protection for foreign investment in the energy sector, such as most-favored-nation treatment and equal national treatment, and provides for nondiscriminatory trade access in the sector, including applying multilateral rules to trade between members and nonmembers of the World Trade Organization.
Little Bush has granted China permanent most-favored-nation trade status, calling it "a final step in normalizing US-China trade relations.
The ruling said Section 211 was inconsistent with the US obligation to protect and enforce intellectual-property rights under TRIPS, which prohibits discrimination against foreigners and guarantees most-favored-nation treatment.
and Cuban companies is contrary to the national treatment and most-favored-nation obligations under WTO rules.
Most-favored-nation status in the WTO is based on giving all members treatment equivalent to the best treatment afforded any individual WTO member, said Brad Smith, managing director of international relations for the American Council of Life Insurers.
The Chinese measure would also violate the 1974 bilateral trade accord stipulating the countries grant most-favored-nation treatment to each other, he said.