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MOTEMobile Termination
MOTEMinistry of Tourism and Environment
MOTEMeasure of Training Effectiveness
MOTEModes of Teacher Education Project (est. 1991; UK and Australia)
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A mote particle with attached fiber will cause a seed coat nep, which explains the close association between medium motes and either seed coat neps or total neps.
In fact, the results of the Mote study touch on one of the most fundamental - and therefore rarely examined - assumptions in our field.
The new Mote Science Education Aquarium will be designed and located strategically to enhance ocean literacy among a much greater cross-section of Florida residents and visitors.
Jurors heard that some of the money Mote allegedly made from the fraud went towards funding various legal costs he had built up as a result of being prosecuted in the UK for benefit fraud offences.
Especially useful in Great Menus is the introductory "Basics" chapter, in which Mote sets the tone for her approach to cooking and entertaining.
Mote scientists see a day when aquaculture becomes viable on many fronts, even as an attractive alternative crop for Florida farmers who now work citrus crops and cattle.
Mote, convicted of 21 charges at Portsmouth crown court, was called "a truly dishonest man" by Judge Richard Price - who ordered him to repay all the cash he swindled.
When determining the length of the jail term to impose on Mote, Judge Price said he had taken into consideration the defendant's age as well as sentencing advice provided by the Government because of prison overcrowding.
Mote, who was born in Portland and resides in Culver, travels with fellow bareback competitors Ryan Gray, ranked third in the world; Jason Havens, ranked 11th, and Tyson Thompson.
The Mote Method is an in-house training system that trains civil and structural engineers how to more than double their productivity by teaching:
Just steps from Mote is Save Our Seabirds, a sanctuary for rescued and often injured Florida birds.
This is the future of trying to rebuild these reefs," said Nedimyer, president of the Coral Restoration Foundation and adjunct scientist at Mote Marine Laboratory.