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MOTELMotorists Hotel
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He said in Murree there was only one motel in Ayubia and PTDC was trying to establish another motel for the facilitation of tourists.
The BIR noted that Mariposa motel declared a higher income tax due compared to Ascott hotel.
But the board has decided no more disciplinary hearings are needed because the motel has no license to issue sanctions against.
Olivier Poirot, the company chief executive officer for Accor North America, Motel 6, said, 'The continued success of the Motel 6 and Studio 6 brands demonstrates what strong focus can accomplish when combined with a network-wide focus on improving and maintaining quality, consistency and great service for our guests.
These include an analysis of the motel and its problems, an examination of the property, a meeting between police department and city attorney's office representatives and the motel owner and managers, an appointment of officers to conduct high-visibility enforcement at the property, and an assessment of the program's effectiveness.
In 1969, he opened Motel Havaii, in Belo Horizonte, with 20 rooms.
Co-authored by Stephen Rushmore, MM, CRE, CHA, president and founder of HVS International and Erich Baum, senior associate of HVS International, Hotels & Motels -- Valuations and Market Studies features information on valuing and profiting from hotel investments.
Chapter 2, "The Motel as Architecture," is fascinating.
Reed says a motel can be built for about $400,000, including the computer system and the land.
The first approach La Quinta used to raise equity, from the late 1970s to the early 1980s, was to form partnerships with individuals who owned a parcel of land on which we wanted to build a motel.
RockStar Motel is harnessing the passion of fans and we're beyond excited to be moving the music industry in a ground-breaking direction," said Luca Sacchetti, CEO of RockStar Motel.
He said that that Gilgit-Baltistan government has already allotted a piece of land measuring 30 kanals at Naltar valley for construction of Motel.