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MOTHMan of the House (movie)
MOTHMinistry of Transportation and Highways (British Columbia, Canada)
MOTHMan on the Horse
MOTHManagers of Their Homes (homeschooling book)
MOTHMemorable Order of Tin Hats (South Africa)
MOTHMoms on the Hill (Washington, DC)
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He looked at a moth that flew before his nose, and moved his hands, but did not catch it from regard for Alexey Alexandrovitch's position.
He felt so mirthful that, contrary to his rules, he made a reduction in his terms to the haggling lady, and gave up catching moths, finally deciding that next winter he must have the furniture covered with velvet, like Sigonin's.
I trode on an edging of turf that the crackle of the pebbly gravel might not betray me: he was standing among the beds at a yard or two distant from where I had to pass; the moth apparently engaged him.
You're not turning your head to look after more moths, are you?
No moths would ever have ventured near those quilts, for they reeked of mothballs to such an extent that they had to be hung in the orchard of Patty's Place a full fortnight before they could be endured indoors.
Results from this year's Moth Night, which actually spanned three nights from October 12 to October 14 - will be examined by Butterfly Conservation.
And the Clifden nonpareil - a moth which has recently become established from Dorset to Kent - has seen numbers boosted by dozens of immigrants from the continent.
FRIENDS OUR We first began working with the barberry carpet moth in 1993 as we led a multi-zoo partnership to breed and release thousands into the wild.
The moths left on the newspaper after 15 seconds represent the ones that survived.
Scott Gemmell, CEO of Black Moth said: We are very pleased to partner with SRXGlobal to strengthen our product supply chain and global manufacturing capabilities.
Caption: As soot settled onto trees in Britain during the Industrial Revolution, a black version of the peppered moth started to overtake the mottled-wing form.
The moth, whose wings beat 80 times a second to allow it to hover like a hummingbird over flower heads as it feeds, is usually only a summer visitor from the Continent.