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There's a ROG or ASUS X570 motherboard for everyone, from seasoned veterans who tune to perfection and hardcore gamers obsessed with performance to first-time builders seeking a seamless PC experience.
In other words, emails regarding the victim's Kraken account's password requests or Bitcoin withdrawal requests were automatically redirected to the attackers. According to Motherboard, the hackers stole 1 Bitcoin, worth around $5,000 from Ritmeester. 
This motherboard works with all autonomous CPUs that support PCIe, MIPI camera inputs and Ethernet.
The post Asus unveils latest series of motherboards in Middle East appeared first on
The problem relates to AMD's new Ryzen APU and how it interacts with older stocks of motherboards. It's a classic chicken-and-egg situation: Some older motherboards won't recognize the new Ryzen APU without a BIOS update.
Performance wise, the new motherboard is in a class
The new Android motherboard SanStar WS-3A is available now and supports Android 5.1.
Biostar, the renowned leader in gaming hardware, celebrates its 31st anniversary and kicks off another successful year with a bang, by introducing exciting innovation and more powerful motherboards.
In a letter to AAP, the commission said changing the motherboard of any electronic voting machine will make it a new one.
RGB Fusion from GIGABYTE is the first motherboard software to support lighting control for Vengeance RGB, offering another great lighting control option alongside Corsair LINK."- Colin, Sr.
Peace was selling that batch of data on the 200 million Yahoo users for 3 bitcoin, or around $1,860, according to Motherboard. The possibly compromised data includes user names, birth dates, some backup email addresses and scrambled passwords, Motherboard said.