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The safety reports indicated that all incidents had two common causal factors: the absence of automobile involvement and the rider losing control of his motorcycle.
The key to safe motorcycle operation is experience.
According to eyewitnesses, the bus driver attempted to save the motorcycle but lost control on the vehicle, which hit both the motorcycle and the motorcycle-rickshaw.
During an operation, Sir Syed Police arrested four suspects, Waseem, Babar Ali, Naeem and Ikram, involved in street crimes like snatching rickshaws and motorcycles. Three rickshaws and a motorcycle have been seized from the suspects and further investigation is under way.
The project team conducted a comprehensive literature review and interviewed leading practitioners from a cross section of the motorcycle industry and community.
On March 8, he signed the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act, or which mandates the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to issue bigger and color-coded number plates for motorcycles.
On Sunday, thousands of motorcycle riders conducted a simultaneous nationwide protest against the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act signed into law byDuterte last March 8.
Tugade said these will include the specifications of the type of motorcycle that can be granted a franchise, the minimum cubic centimeter capacity of motor, travel speed of motorcycle taxis, franchise route, seat and helmet requirements, and training requirements for motorcycle bikers looking to register as PUV drivers.
This Japanese motorcycle manufacturer exported 87,948 units of motorcycle in the same period.
Anbalagan said the gang, led by an 18-year-old, was involved in a spate of motorcycle thefts on the island since early this year.
According to the doctors of Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC), approximately 70% of the injured patients admitted to their hospital annually are motorcycle riders.