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MOUQMountain Quail (bird species)
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California quail and bobwhites are legal in Idaho, while Gambel's and Mountain quail are not.
Mountain quail haven't fared as well, but are still out there in huntable numbers.
In 2005, Oregon hunters killed 185,577 birds (which includes a tiny percentage of the rare mountain quail), which makes quail second only to chukars in numbers of birds in the bag.
They are: Western general season rifle deer, cascade bull elk, cougar, black bear, western gray squirrel, forest grouse, mountain quail, california quail, duck, merganser and turkey.
There are the ducks that splashed down dead in our decoy spreads, too, and the running mountain quail that pulled us over ridge after ridge.
Mountain quail have become sufficiently scarce in Oregon that the Division of Fish & Wildlife asks hunters to report any sightings.
Timely tip: Mourning dove, forest grouse, mountain quail, California quail and band-tailed pigeon seasons all opened Sept.
This cocky little handful of brown feathers is my favorite, not because he is more handsome than the California quail, better to eat than the mountain quail, faster on his feet than the Gambel quail, harder to hit than the scaled quail or more difficult to find than the Mearns.
Mountain quail, sooty grouse, American dipper, great grey owls and the grey jay will be part of the Lane County Audubon Society's June birdwalk Saturday near Oakridge.
Fifty years ago, native mountain quail and introduced bobwhites added even more options to Idaho's bird hunting cornucopia, but habitat degradation (invasive weeds, overgrazing, housing developments, house cats, etc.) have nearly wiped out the former, which are now an endangered species in the state.
In Monterrey and San Luis Obispo counties, hunters can find 411ey quail and an occasional bonus mountain quail amid magnificent scenery on Los Padres National Forest north and east of Santa Barbara.
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