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MOVERMoving Target Feature Extraction and Range
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Then, leaving this part of the subject, he remarks on the special phenomenon that before his installation in the Bower, it was from Mr Venus that he first heard of the legend of hidden wealth in the Mounds: 'which', he observes with a vaguely pious air, 'was surely never meant for nothing.' Lastly, he returns to the cause of the right, gloomily foreshadowing the possibility of something being unearthed to criminate Mr Boffin (of whom he once more candidly admits it cannot be denied that he profits by a murder), and anticipating his denunciation by the friendly movers to avenging justice.
The friendly movers might not have been quite at their ease, even though the visitor had entered in the usual manner.
In all such cases your movers, and your seconders, and your supporters --your regular Professors of all degrees, run amuck like so many mad Malays; habitually attributing the lowest and basest motives with the utmost recklessness (let me call your attention to a recent instance in yourself for which you should blush), and quoting figures which you know to be as wilfully onesided as a statement of any complicated account that should be all Creditor side and no Debtor, or all Debtor side and no Creditor.
Monsieur de Valois, one of the movers in the last uprising (during which the Marquis de Montauran, betrayed by his mistress, perished in spite of the devotion of Marche-a-Terre, now tranquilly raising cattle for the market near Mayenne),--Monsieur de Valois had, during the last six months, given the key to several choice stratagems practised upon an old republican named Hulot, the commander of a demi-brigade stationed at Alencon from 1798 to 1800, who had left many memories in the place.
In these movements nothing was more remarkable than the discontent they begot in the movers. The spirit of protest and of detachment drove the members of these Conventions to bear testimony against the Church, and immediately afterward, to declare their discontent with these Conventions, their independence of their colleagues, and their impatience of the methods whereby they were working.
Besides, they had been the movers of the strike against unlawful fagging.
In addition to bringing passengers into Birmingham Airport from the new high-speed rail line, transport chiefs hope the people mover will boost the area's leisure and conferencing facilities such as the National Exhibition Centre, Resorts World and the neighbouring concert arena.
Well, we can also do this: share with our readers the good economic omens to be found in what they may have noticed is a surfeit of Movers & Shakers, the news about Arkansans' new jobs, promotions and awards featured in almost every issue of Arkansas Business.
Port operators have pleaded with the government to allow them to hire foreign workers to work as prime movers at the docks for a certain duration, as a shortage of local workers continues to cause problems for the industry, Transport Minister Anthony Loke said today.
Its key enabler is the iTrak linear servo technology from Rockwell Automation, an approach to motion control that dispenses with traditional mechanics and motor control to enable the independent control of multiple independent movers on straight and curved paths.
The system is a combination of "planar movers" (i.e., square-shaped platforms) that float over "planar tiles" via magnetic force delivered by integrated permanent magnets.