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MTGPMotor Toon Grand Prix (video game)
MTGPMachines That Go Ping (UK; advisory group)
MTGPMoving the Goalposts
MTGPMorphine-Treated Guinea Pigs (experiments)
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"But this is about taking money from the authority by a Government moving the goalposts and I think it is unfair and we should be looking at what pressure we can put on the Government over this."
'It is just so very sad that moving the goalposts at the very last minute ruined what would have been a happy, historic day.'
This is one argument where the players keep moving the goalposts. Using this 'flexi-logic', we could deduce that building more maternity hospitals would only encourage unsustainable population growth.
A clear case of moving the goalposts if ever there was and I firmly believe the motorist of 2020 driving around in VED-free electric and hybrid cars might find themselves facing a new form of road tax.
PHYSICAL education teacher Alan Byrne accused the Government of moving the goalposts on their PE pledge.
Yesterday, a patient accused Bupa of leaving her "high and dry" and "moving the goalposts" by preventing her from having continuity of care.
Moving the Goalposts - To ensure there is a football theme in this city (at least until next Monday) have some fun Moving the Goalposts by desperately appealing for the transfer rules to be changed.
MARTIN O'NEILL is preparing to launch a late spending spree with Aston Villa before the transfer window closes despite admitting clubs are constantly "moving the goalposts."
The answer was along the lines of not moving the goalposts for the current season because that wouldn't be fair.
And in a Westminster Hall debate yesterday Minister Nigel Griffiths was barracked by backbench Labour MPs who warned moving the goalposts would hit some of the most vulnerable people in society.
Ahead of his Lewisham Hospital appeal, Jeremy Hunt has joined the badgers in moving the goalposts.
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