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MOWMoment of Weakness
MOWMeals-on-Wheels (non-profit food administering organization)
MOWMan or Woman?
MOWMoscow, Russia (Airport Code)
MOWMaintenance of Way
MOWMen of War (video game)
MOWMercer Oliver Wyman (management consulting; various locations)
MOWMinistry of Works (Bahrain)
MOWMinistry of Works (UK)
MOWMovie of the Week
MOWMaps of the World
MOWMehr Oder Weniger (German: More or Less)
MOWMake Own Way
MOWMadeleine of Wiken (est. 2006; Sweden)
MOWMembers of the Workforce (security clearance)
MOWMaennlich Oder Weiblich (German chat: boy or girl)
MOWModern Welsh (linguistics)
MOWMember of the Week
MOWMost of World
MOWMountain of Worship (ministry)
MOWMinimum Order Weight (carriage charges; UK)
MOWMission Operations Wing (NASA)
MOWMaster of Wisdom
MOWMassive Online World (game/virtual simulation)
MOWMaintenance Orderwire
MOWManiac on Wheels
MOWMail Order Works (Essex, UK)
MOWMadmen of Wrestling
MOWMasters of Weaponry (gaming clan)
MOWMission Operations Working Group
MOWMeasurement Over Wires (screw thread gauging method)
MOWMissionaries of War (online gaming clan)
MOWMuseum of Writing (UK)
MOWMessenger on Watch
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Placing a mulching material such as wood chips at the base of the tree helps to prevent mower damage because the operator does not have to mow close to the trunk.
Though all size bags were appreciated, MOW volunteers noted that small bags --five to 10 pounds--are easiest for seniors to handle and keep fresh.
Mow bray also refused to criticise Phillips despite his costly second half misses.
Next time I mow the lawn, I may cook a few cups and have the neighbors over for grass.
I found that I could mow a third acre of tall, thick timothy in a bit less than three hours.
Try to mow in a forward direction whenever possible.
The Film Works is also producing a book-inspired MOW, J.
Tenders are invited for mow and trim the lawn area of the rest areas and loadometer station grounds consisting of approximately twenty-eight (28) acres per cycle.
THE daffodils are out and blossom is blooming, both sure-fire signs that spring has sprung and its time to get out in the garden - and one of the first jobs is to mow the lawn.
In a chilling call to arms, Anwar al-Awlaki ordered terrorists to stockpile weapons, then jump in trucks and mow down crowds in busy city centres.
FUTURE WEEKEND WARRIORS who have plenty of grass to mow might trade petroleum-burning engines, hydraulic systems, belts and pulleys for sleek, silent, battery-powered machines that look more like lunar rovers, if makers like Husqvarna have anything to do with it.