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MOWSManagement of Web Services
MOWSMasters Open Water Swimming
MOWSMaximal Overground Walking Speed
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The app will also track mower maintenance schedules and remember fuel levels, so operators can check their phone while planning ahead for Saturday morning's mow.
The battery powered Neuton lawn mower is for those neighbors who like to mow their lawns at 6 every Saturday morning.
Samantha's mother Jane, said: "Martin let Regan off his leash and let him smell Mow's basket blanket and told him to find Mow-Mows.
Unlike big-budget feature films, MOWs don't normally have the dollars to allow casts and crews to hop on a plane and fly to Vietnam.
The roadside is needed to support the "total roadway." The major goals of Michigan's proposed roadside vegetation management program are to maintain turf height in mowed areas to a maximum of 12 in.
Like many American neighborhoods, almost every square inch of our block was either house, driveway, trees, or mowed bluegrass lawn.