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MSecMulticast Security
MSecMandrake Security
MSecMedical Supplies & Equipment Company (various locations)
MSecMyanmar Securities Exchange Centre (est. 1996; joint venture; Myanmar and Japan)
MSecMessage Security
MSecMathematical and Scientific E-Content
MSecMohamed Sathak Engineering College (India)
MSecMongolian Securities and Exchange Commission
MSecMajor and Special Events Committee (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
MSecMountain State Employers Council
MSecMennonite Secondary Education Council
MSecMaster of Science in Economics
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With respect to Part 1 and Part 2, a delay by part interaction was suggested by a significant Welch test comparing the means for Part 1 and Part 2 at the 4000 msec delay (W = 9.726, p < .05, corrected for three comparisons).
Forty to 50 msec is about a 20th of a second, which doesn't sound like much unless one considers that each syllable of speech lasts only about a quarter of a second, said Dr.
Zappia et al used an ILD of 0.2 msec and reported a sensitivity of 89% in diagnosing tumors < 1 cm.
It may be advantageous to employ a lower out-of-phase TE (2.2 to 2.5 msec at 1.5T), which benefits from additional fat-attenuating effects and also increases signal-to-noise ratio and the number of sections per acquisition.
The DVC utilizes FLASH memory And, this is the really cool part, it is a real time, multi-tasking operating system that times stamps digital I/O to 1 mSec and analog I/O to 5 mSec."
A typical 2" stroke actuator used in a valve application can control position accurately to [+ or -] 0.5% while ready for fully open or close in less than 200 mSec. Exlar Corp., 1470 Lake Dr.
The performance assured LUN is a project to create a LUN with 100GB capacity and 10 msec response time at 10,000 ops/sec.
It operates with a high-speed 500 msec overall cycle time and an 8.3 msec output resolution.
in diameter and offers a response time of less than 25 msec. All models feature a low-inertia drive disc assembly and are available in standard 24 V and 90 V dc voltages.
A news conference was called to announce the formation of Microsoft Eastern Caribbean (MSEC) which will be based in Trinidad, where Microsoft has maintained a branch office since 1988.