mtPTPMitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore
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Abbreviations ANT: Adenine nucleotide translocator CAT: Carboxyatractyloside COX: Cytochrome c oxidase FCC: Flux control coefficient HBC: Human breast cancer HCC: Human colorectal cancer HK: Hexokinase MCA: Metabolic control analysis MI: Mitochondrial interactosome MOM: Mitochondrial outer membrane MtCK: Mitochondrial creatine kinase mtPTP: Mitochondrial permeability transition pore OXPHOS: Oxidative phosphorylation RC: Respiratory chain SCAF1: Supercomplex assembly factor I TME: Tumor microenvironment VDAC: Voltage-dependent anion channel.
MnSOD competes with NO- to reduce the amount of [O.sub.2.sup.-] and consequently forms more ONOO-, which is released into the cytoplasm via the mtPTP [33, 66, 107, 119-126, 129, 130].
During apoptosis and after PSR is reached, the mtPTP releases cytochrome C from the membrane, activating the caspase cascade and pannexin hemichannels, which release ATP and work as beacons for phagocytic cells.