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MNGMultiple-image Network Graphics (PNG-like image format supporting multiple images, animation and transparency)
MNGMontgomery (Amtrak station code; Montgomery, WV)
MNGMongolia (ISO Country code)
MNGMulti Image Network Graphics
MNGMultiple Frame Network Graphics
MNGMultinodular Goiter
MNGMeet 'n Greet
MNGMulti-Nodular Goiter
MNGMultinucleated Gonocytes (fetal testicular development)
MNGMulti-Network Gateway
MNGMaine Natural Gas Company
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The purpose of this paper is to study the transmission property of an SNG-based photonic crystal, [(AB).sup.N], where A is an epsilon-negative (ENG) medium and B is a mu-negative (MNG) one.
Chen, "Electromagnetic tunneling in nonconjugated epsilon-negative and mu-negative metamaterial pair," PIERS Online, Vol.
The results show that by tuning the external voltage, our structure can provide either an epsilon-negative or a mu-negative bandgap, with varying gap width (the ratio of bandwidth to center frequency can be from 0 to over 100%) and depth (from 0dB to about -30 dB).
Shi, "Light tunneling in a pair structure consisting of epsilon-negative and mu-negative media," Proc.
Similarly, the array of SRRs leads to a medium with a negative real part of complex permeability but with a positive real permittivity, which is known as a mu-negative (MNG) medium.