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MUXMultan, Pakistan (airport code)
MUXMultiplex Bus (Boeing)
MUXMulti User Experience
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Through the use of differential offerings with the help of the latest technologies and diversified food options, the multiplex players are striving to improve their average realisations per footfall.
38] proposed to multiplex multiple VoIP frames at the DLL layer.
Speaking to Gulf News, Ameet Kukreja, who captains the team and is also part of the Multiplex team management, said: "In Sharjah we bowled out Red Flower for 124.
Multiplex said earlier this month that it will unveil its plans for redevelopment of the area in November.
The agreement hinges on Multiplex ensuring the work is completed and sources at the construction company have confirmed the vast majority is now done.
Multiplex said in a statement: "Discussions in relation to a potential settlement between Multiplex and WNSL are progressing and the commercial terms remain to be finalised.
But Wembley chief executive Michael Cunnah rejected the Multiplex statement out of hand.
Roger Stewart QC, for Multiplex, said CBUK's printed defence statement contained a supposedly neutral "factual background" but was "about as neutral as the dodgy dossier relating to weapons of mass destruction".
The comparative analytical sensitivities of these simple and multiplex RT-PCR assays were previously studied on prototype strains by analyzing serial 10-fold dilutions of positive control for HCoVs NL63, OC43, and 229E.
Slovakia's first multiplex opened in December, giving the industry a needed jumpstart.
In the 1970s and '80s this meant splitting up existing buildings into a series of patently unsatisfactory smaller volumes; latterly, it has given rise to the purpose-built multiplex, which can be either slotted into shopping malls, or plonked down on easily and cheaply acquired edge-of-town sites.
Now, after thousands of tests of how monkeys react to visual patterns, Barry Richmond of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and Lance Optican of the National Eye Institute have come up with the multiplex filter hypothesis -- a complex, mathematical theory that challenges scientific orthodoxy by proposing that visual nerves transmit information via multiplexed, encoded signals.
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