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MSCTMultislice Computed Tomography
MSCTmultislice spiral computed tomography
MSCTMost Significant Change Technique
MSCTMicrosoft Shared Computer Toolkit
MSCTMechanical Sidewall Coring Tool (mining tool)
MSCTMicrosoft Certified Trainer
MSCTMultiple Source Correlator Tracker (military command and control)
MSCTMaster of Science in Communication and Computer Network Technology (Assumption University of Thailand; Bangkok, Thailand)
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Assessment of coronary artery abnormalities by multislice spiral computed tomography in adolescents and young adults with Kawasaki disease.
Multislice spiral computed tomography coronary angiography in patients with stable angina pectoris.
Investigation of aortocoronary artery bypass grafts by multislice spiral computed tomography with electrocardiographic-gated image reconstruction.
Usefulness of 16-slice multislice spiral computed tomography for follow-up study of coronary stent implantation.
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