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MVBMicrosoft Viewer Base
MVBMultivesicular Body
MVBMagdeburger Verkehrsbetriebe
MVBMost Valuable Beard
MVBMultifunction Vehicle Bus
MVBMultimedia Viewer Book
MVBMultifunctional Vehicle Bus
MVBMedicina Veterinaria Baccalaureate (Italian: Veterinary Medicine Baccalaureate)
MVBManufacturing Verification Build
MVBMoisture Vapor Barrier
MVBMaster Valve Block on Xmas Tree (oil exploration)
MVBMost Valued Blogger
MVBMinimum Variance Beamformer
MVBMicroVax Business
MVBMobile Video Blogging
MVBMississinewa Valley Band (Marion, IN)
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Proteomic and biochemical analyses of human B cell-derived exosomes: potential implications for their function and multivesicular body formation," The Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
Studies performed with enzymatic activities and tritiated sugars in rat spermatid report that the Golgi apparatus in early spermatids produces, besides the pro-acrosomal granule, multivesicular body, which associates to the chromatoid body (Tang et al.
Well-developed endoplasmic reticulum and annulus lamella were present around the mitochondria and the multivesicular body that was formed by the modified mitochondria and appeared in the cytoplasm (Fig.