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The major downside from taking a multivitamin may be that it becomes a distraction from effective disease prevention.
Secondary end points included stroke and MI individually Results showed that men who took a daily multivitamin didn't experience any benefit for the primary end point and secondary end points.
Researchers reported last month that the same trial showed that a daily multivitamin reduced the men's overall risk of cancer by 8 per cent.
Results were drawn from the Danish National Birth Cohort, a large (n = 35 897) well characterised cohort of pregnant women, recruited early in gestation, who reported multivitamin use during a 12 week periconceptional period.
Overall, in adjusted analyses, multivitamin users were significantly less likely than nonusers to give birth preterm, meaning before 37 weeks' gestation (hazard ratio, 0.
While this study found that multivitamins are useless in preventing cancer and heart disease, another study had the opposite results.
More than 40% of the women said they regularly took multivitamins.
Too much of some of the other vitamins in the multivitamin tablet could harm you or a future baby.
Although previous studies have investigated the effect of prenatal vitamins on pediatric tumors, this is the first meta-analysis of prenatal multivitamin use before and during early pregnancy and its protective effect for several pediatric cancers.
Three multivitamins did not fully break apart in simulated gastric fluid, including Nature's Plus Especially
Pharmavite is introducing Nature Made Multivitamins with Optimized Nutrient Levels.
A multivitamin with iron can provide your daily requirement, but before taking an iron-only supplement, talk to a nutritionist--large doses of iron can be harmful.