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MUNGMUNG Until No Good (recursive version)
MUNGMash Until No Good
MUNGMultipurpose Unilateral Nonsense Generator
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He said that the people of Mung and the rest of Kashmir have always demonstrated courage and resisted unjust regimes over the years.
Percentage value of moisture, fat, ash and protein of mung bean investigated in the present study appear to be closer to the contents examined by Habibullah et al.
Keywords: mung bean, fermented mung bean, protein isolates, In-Vitro protein digestibility, chemical properties, functional properties
The discriminant function method of making selection in plants appeared to be the most useful than the straight selection for seed yield alone and hence, due weightage should be given to the important selection indices while making selection for yield advancement in mung bean.
Erica was able to measure the density of mung beans as they grew, and used this data to produce three-dimensional video models.
Chateau Le Mung in Poitou-Charentes, France, and, inset, Sheryl Bromley and her husband Gerald who have bought it
Edited by Soumya Sen, Carlee JoeWong, Sangtae Ha, and Mung Chiang
If you want a plant that is easy to take care of, try mung beans (monggo).
Mung bean is an important legume and pulse crop of semi-arid regions of Pakistan.
Vungh Suan Mung ( 26) -- had gone to Madangir market to buy chicken.