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MUSTERMulti-User System for Training Emergency Response
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11-10 M Pernfors, 1-2 P Cash v 6-4 H Leconte, 8-15 P Haarhuis v 11-8 J Bates Recommendation T Muster 1pt 12-1 (Stan James)
Their clash went with serve all the way to 6-6 when Muster paid heavily for his generosity of spirit.
The muster day will take place at Cannon Hill Park, Edgbaston, Birmingham next Sunday, starting at noon.
But Muster - an Austrian - seems to have been confused by all the pre- Wimbledon publicity.
Muster is spurned by fellow top stars such as Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras.
Last night as Fergie jetted home, Muster, who is said to be going through a shaky patch with his 20-year-old girlfriend Mariella Theiner, denied a love match with the Duchess.
In late June, Minister Nash announced a major increase in data allowances to be delivered by the Sky Muster satellite service, with customers soon able to access 100 gigabytes of data at peak times per month.
The muster, as it is called, refers to the days when local fire departments were made up of volunteers, and departments had to muster up enough men to fight a fire effectively.
BEING one of the 15,000 landlubbers that visited the Albert Dock''s Riverpool Mersey Pirate Muster Festival on Saturday, I have to congratulate Cathy Roberts, Peter Grant and their fellow seafarers for a fantastic and fun day out.
A pece of North Shields history crumbled into dust when the old muster rooms were pulled down in December 1980.
A proposed constitutional ban on same-sex marriage and civil unions was defeated February 2 in the legislature for the second year in a row after conservative supporters couldn't muster the two-thirds majority needed to put it on a statewide ballot.