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Table 3: Works Management Issues and Concerns in selected GPs Indicator Sirmour 2008 Puruwal Navni Type of Work Works as per Priority not perspective plan followed Work site boards Unavailability of Unavailability of works site boards works site boards Work site No facilities Availability of facilities available drinking water Ceremonial first and temporary aid box available shed Ceremonial first aid box available Quality of work Satisfactory Reasonable Estimate at work Not available Available site and technical sanction Muster Roll Work progress and Work progress Management material used not and material record, Skilled used not workers charged to recorded.
The Company Clerk text states that muster rolls are the most important papers that company accounting clerks prepare (Kautz, 39).
Muster rolls - lists of payments to the crew on board - belonging to the French vessels Scipion, Duguay-Trouin and Formidable were also discovered.
The "Complete Descriptive List or Muster Roll of the Crew of the Naval Hospital `Red Rover," also filed quarterly, supports elevating the African American women to the status of first female naval personnel.
Over 1500 employees working on muster roll have gone over age after completion of 8 years service period but all their hopes have been shaken terribly due to a resounding NO from the CDA administration in terms of their regularization.
The judge Mohammad Ali Ruk first went to the dispensary where he found that medical officer Dr Santosh Kumar who was posted there according to muster roll had been absent since May while a dispenser, who was running the facility on his behalf, told the judge that the doctor was engaged in anti-polio duty somewhere else.
It transpired that prior to filing tax return, Dago Tshering had engaged his subordinates (including some already resigned) to fabricate series of muster roll sheets and falsely expensed Nu 41.302mn.
There was a flower festival, a play, and a chance to see the 1514 muster roll from Alnwick with the names of those called up to fight.
Visitors will be encouraged to dress as pirates and sign the muster roll of the 'Mersey Pirate Navy'.
In the final muster roll for 1862, Powers was sick at Washington, D.C., and would be discharged for disability on 2 February 1863 as a corporal.
The Medieval Soldier Database contains full profiles of individual soldiers, with muster roll evidence allowing researchers to piece together details of soldiers' lives.
The Muster Roll (payroll report) showed the deduction from the soldier's pay as a special memorandum entry.