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influenza viruses mutate during replication, introducing new, perhaps deadly, viruses
The strain of H5N1 that has killed 91 people is lethal and would give us the next pandemic if it mutates. It is in France, Germany, Italy, Egypt and Iraq.
First there would have to be a bird epidemic, then it would have to transmit to humans and then it would have to mutate to transmit human to human
Antibiotic use can also lead non-disease causing bacteria to mutate into more pernicious strains and become disease causing.
That means that the virus can (and does) still mutate, but at a much slower rate.
As miraculous-but-still-imperfect antibiotics flood the world of deadly bacteria, those bacteria invariably mutate to beat the threat.
Managers tap out their own inter-office memos, administrative assistants mutate into account executives, and information systems personnel and programmers are as likely to be male as female.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Researchers were able to mutate Viral Protein 40 (VP40) in a way that changed the residues of the protein, blocking the budding and replication of Ebola virus in a model system.
But these regions aren't usually important to the pathogen's survival, so they often mutate, he says.