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MUTTMobile Urgent Treatment Team (Milwaukee, WI)
MUTTMilitary Utility Truck Tactical
MUTTMinuteman Upgrade Test Team (USAF AFOTEC)
MUTTMulti-User TIR Tool
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In their own oddball fashions, these untutored mutts did it all, from treeing squirrels and rousting rabbits to flushing pheasants.
The court found that after a gap of 165 years, Swami Brahmanand Saraswati was anointed as the Shankaracharya of Jyotir Mutt in 1941.
She said that she has always looked after dogs for friends and have always had her own dogs here but the idea for the House of Mutt started after a friend told her their dog always seemed so happy after a stay at her house, and she realised it could be a business.
When Ursa first tells Mutt about Corregidora, he shares the story of his great-grandfather, a blacksmith whose wife was repossessed into slavery in payment of his debts.
The story of Mutt Movement began with a dirty, stray mutt wandering into Modrell's neighborhood about a year ago.
This time, he meets Mutt, who has both a grudge and a proposition for him - if he'll help Mutt on a personal mission, Indy could very well make one of the most spectacular archaeological finds in history, namely the crystal skull of Akator.
This week our mad mutts have been slaving over hot computers in the office.
She and a fellow pilot set out to develop Mutt Muffs--an over-the-head hearing protector especially contoured for a dog's skull.
The best place to find a lovable mutt, they say, is still the local animal shelter.
His record of success speaks for itself and the thousands of disabled veterans who have become members as a mutt of his recruiting prowess are better off today because of him.
The culprit is a beautiful woman named Emily Thorndyke, who can match him neurosis for neurosis, and whose own slobbering mutt is providentially named Ferdinand.
However, the nucleotide pool in this species is exceptionally clean because of the presence of several copies of the mutT gene (1,6); the MutT protein removes oxidized guanines (8-OxodGTP), thus counteracting replication or transcription errors.