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You don't get men being called mutton dressed as lamb.
TV host Carol said: "I am constantly aware of not being mutton dressed as lamb.
Not so much mutton dressed as lamb, as cloned mutton put in a cryogenic chamber, then resuscitated and dressed as lamb.
He was no longer debonair, he looked mutton dressed as lamb.
There is a fine line between mutton dressed as lamb and a chic, slightly daring older woman" - Joan Collins (pictured) has fashion advice for the Duchess of Cornwall.
She's furious when Ian says she looks like mutton dressed as lamb and gives her a book on pensioners.
Are these women mutton dressed as lamb or are they right to flaunt it if they have it?
I don't want to be accused of being mutton dressed as lamb.
She knows what suits her svelte figure and how to dress right for her age, never looking frumpy or mutton dressed as lamb.
Rather than trying to look like a sophisticated older bride, Margaret was mutton dressed as lamb.