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MUTEXMutually Exclusive
MUTEXMutual Exclusion
MUTEXMutation and Testing
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The TAM serves as a reminder that it is important to identify the costs associated with potential business restructuring transactions and to determine whether the transactions considered are or are not mutually exclusive in order to determine whether the costs of abandoned transactions are deductible or must be capitalized.
There are 96 such mutually exclusive applications that will be subjected to the point system after one more period in which the applicants can take some actions.
They are not intended to be mutually exclusive but can coexist in one configuration.
According to Kenneth and Jonathan Goldman, "This portfolio presented an unusual assignment as we had two goals, both of which were mutually exclusive.
pageant, a drag queen competition attended by over 3,000 people in the school auditorium, I discovered that neither event is mutually exclusive because almost everything and everybody in this town says, "Welcome
Dinner with dozens of preschoolers and an evening of literary discourse sound like mutually exclusive events.
To judge from their recent jumble of mutually exclusive directives, their actual goal might be mass psychosis.
On the contrary, they suggest the conflation of visual pleasure and critique, which are too often considered mutually exclusive in art.
A corrosive disjunction has developed between two mutually exclusive visions of church: as a sacramental community or as a hierarchy.
The hypotheses for aggregation aren't mutually exclusive, however, and Ryan observes that Pfennig's study is one of the few to establish that males evaluate potential competitors using the same rules that females do.
Later, she offers two (probably) mutually exclusive views regarding the construction of the gospels; the primacy of the hypothetical document "Q" favoured by the Jesus Seminar and the theories of Albert Lord concerning oral transmission, intriguing to N.
While certain contemporary critical inquiries perceive the terms feminism and evangelism as mutually exclusive, several of these authors, on the contrary, argue that for Marguerite they worked together.
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