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MycMycenaean (linguistics)
MYCMovement for the Youth of Cameroon
MYCMuslim Youth Camp
MYCMuslim Youth of Chicago
MYCMilitary Youth Corps
MYCMillom Youth Centre
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Concerning the accuracy of our modified real-time PCR method, measurements of the MYC gene copy number in the prostate cancer cell lines revealed a high concordance with the previously reported fluorescence in situ hybridization results (7).
The experiments only succeeded because the Myc gene in the mice was modified to make it respond to the drug.
MYC Under-13 Plate: Sutton; Tatlock Trophy (Under-13): Liverpool Quilter; Sun Life of Canada Trophy (Under-15): Rainford; MYC Under-15 Midweek: Widnes;
The -catenin DsiRNAs also inhibited expression of downstream genes dependent on -catenin expression in tumors, including MYC, further demonstrating the capability of DsiRNAs to block the oncogenic activities of their molecular targets.
Myc proto-oncogene protein family comprises of very crucial and extensively studied transcription factors characterized by containing basic helix-loop-helix leucine zipper (bHLH LZ) motif (Vennstrom et al.
High levels of nuclear MYC protein predict the presence of MYC rearrangement in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.
Previously MYC has been shown to promote proliferation and inhibit differentiation in dissociated cells in culture.
He also announced the holding of Rahmat-ul-Almeen conventions to make Provincial segments of MYC more effective, while also announcing plans to meet Shiite Ulema, in accordance with earlier signed accords among all various sectarian groups; while various commission formed by MYC would also be galvanized to form a joint consensus for interfaith harmony among sects.
This article will first examine al-Shabab's regional recruitment drives in East Africa, and then profile the MYC, which is likely the Somali militant group's most reliable source of regional foreign fighters.
A hyperactive version of a gene called myc turns these white blood cells malignant.
Myc is noted in many types of cancer and contributes to one in seven of all cancer deaths.
They've found how a rogue molecule called Myc works to speed up the production of cancer cells.