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Abbreviations ABTS: 2,2,-Azino-bis(3-ethylbenzothiazline-6-sulfonic acid) diammonium salt AR: Aldose reductase n-BuOH: n-Butanol [CH.sub.2][Cl.sub.2]: Methylene chloride DMSO: Dimethyl sulfoxide EtOAc: Ethyl acetate n-Hex: n-Hexane [H.sub.2]O: Distilled water HSCCC: High-speed countercurrent chromatography K: Partition coefficient MA: Maackia amurensis NADPH: Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate NADH: Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide RLAR: Rat lens aldose reductase SAR: Structure activity relationship TEAC: Evaluation of trolox equivalent antioxidant capacity Trolox: 6-Hydroxy-2,5,7,8-tetrame-thylchroman-2 carboxylic acid.
Entry 3 Ar Thermal MW Flow (a) (b) (c) 1 3a Ph 38 54 57 2 3b 2-Cl-[C.sub.6][H.sub.4] 48 86 78 3 3c 4-Cl-[C.sub.6][H.sub.4] 66 96 84 4 3d 2-OH-[C.sub.6][H.sub.4] 29 89 >99 5 3e 4-OH-[C.sub.6][H.sub.4] 41 67 72 6 3f 3-OMe-[C.sub.6][H.sub.4] 28 92 82 7 3g 3-pyridyl 57 84 98 8 3h 2-F-[C.sub.6][H.sub.4] 25 88 >99 9 3i 3-F-[C.sub.6][H.sub.4] 32 83 85 10 3j 4-Me-[C.sub.6][H.sub.4] 39 98 88 11 3k 3-N[O.sub.2]-[C.sub.6] 17 81 85 [H.sub.4] 12 3l 3-Cl-[C.sub.6][H.sub.4] 44 80 -- (a) n-BuOH, A, 118[degrees]C, 6 h; (b) 300 W, 200[degrees]C, n-BuOH 15 min.
The total phenolic content in green tea extracts (CH[Cl.sub.3], EtOAc, and n-BuOH) was measured using the method of Singleton et al.
The compound isolated from the n-BuOH fraction of Androsace umbellata MeOH extract was identified as Saxi A (Fig.
To aminols 11a,b (3 g, 13.7 mmol) dissolved in n-BuOH (75 mL) and i-[Pr.sub.2]NEt (8.88 g, 68.7 mmol), 5-amino-4,6-dichloropyrimidine (4.50 g, 27.5 mmol) was added.
For large amount of extractions, 20 g freeze-dry samples were loaded (1 : 1, extracted thrice) and extracted successively using DCM, EA, and n-BuOH. The contents of feniculin (1), avicularin (2), (+)-catechin (3), (-)-epicatechin (4), and 6,-O-galloyl salidroside (5) in A.
In Figure 2, the DPPH radical scavenging activities of various investigated extract n-Butanol and Ethyl acetate of Catha Edulis with age 50 years were in order of n-BuOH extract (63.50%) at concentration 10 [micro]g/ml To be this dose responsiveness (96.95%) at concentration 20 [micro]g/ml >.
Table 1: Antimicrobial activity of n-BuOH extract at different concentrations on five bacteria and one fungus.
Remaining LTEs were observed to inhibit both MMP activity in an order of n-Hex, n-BuOH, and [H.sub.2]O fractions in regard to their efficiency.
The materials were submitted to liquid-liquid partition with solvents ethyl acetate (EtOAc) (1: 1) and n-butanol (n-BuOH) (1: 1), at room temperature, resulting after evaporation of the solvents, and the semipurified samples: ethyl acetate fraction (EtOAc Fr.), butanol fraction (n-BuOH Fr.), and aqueous fraction (H2O Fr.).
In the preliminary experiment, the n-BuOH fraction of CL Me0H extract potently inhibited AChE activity in vitro and reversed scopolamine-induced memory deficits in mice.
In this respect, since up to the present, there is no study on the chemical or the antioxidative activity of Pulicaria jaubertii, the aim of this study was to investigate the antioxidative activity of different extracts of the leaves of Pulicaria jaubertii: CH[Cl.sub.3], AcOEt and n-BuOH extracts as new potential source of natural antioxidants.