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NAIRANever Allow Igbos Rule Again
NAIRANational Asian Indian Republican Association (Aurora, CO)
NAIRANuclear Accident/Incident Response and Assistance
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Onyema also said the bourse has put on hold plans to introduce depository receipts that would allow investors to purchase foreign company shares in nairas. It "was put on hold because of this foreign exchange issue," he said.
Though the Nigerian Government has resisted floating the naira, Emefiele acknowledged that the triple shocks of the crude oil's price decline, the global economic slowdown, and the normalisation of monetary policy by the US Fed dealt a blow to the currency.
Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has ( resisted the IMF's calls to devalue the naira currency 6 a tactic that has helped other African nations cope with economic stress. Instead, the former military ruler has proposed a record budget for the 2016 fiscal year, while Nigeria's central bank has tried to ( prop up   the failing naira to stem market panic. 
In December, the naira depreciated significantly in the parallel market to an all-time low of N280 to the dollar, further compounding shortages of imported products.
As the naira struggles against the US dollar in both markets, the purchase price for artworks rose, meaning he has to import fewer, and he is unable to pass the increased cost to buyers.
The Naira gained 0.9 percent to 197.75 per dollar as of 1 p.m.
The bank said, 'We will continue to defend the naira. Yesterday, we saw the naira at a level we were not comfortable with.
Shares in Dangote cement, which make up a third of Nigeria's stock market and hit a record high of 250 naira in July, traded flat at 223 naira on Monday, valuing Nigeria's biggest company at about 3.97tr naira ($24.5bn).
"Industry ranked second with a contribution of 4.2 billion naira or 25.96%, while agriculture constituted the smallest sector in the second quarter, representing 3.4 billion naira or 20.89% of the GDP,'' the statement added.
the Head of the Council of Europe Office to the RA Oleksandr Pavlyuk and his deputy Naira Avetisyan.
Chika continued, "We run our new background ad for as low as twenty thousand naira per day, and offer attractive discounts to advertisers running for longer durations.
As a multi-cultural organisation that focuses on culture and heritage, QMA selected the name Naira which originates from the word 'lear' used in reference to an Ottoman gold coin that comes in different weights by rural and Bedouin people, and is still known by that