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NARESNational Association of Re-Enactment Societies (UK; est. 1991)
NARESNon-Allergic Rhinitis with Eosinophilia Syndrome
NARESNational Agricultural Research and Extension System(s)
NARESNevada AIDS Research and Education Society (Las Vegas, NV)
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Upper jaws were excised and mounted onto specimen stubs using the "conductive bridge-method" (Lametschwandtner et al., 1980), either evaporated with carbon and gold and/or sputter-coated with gold, and examined in the scanning electron microscope XL-30 (FEI, Eindhoven, NL) at an accelerating voltage of 10kV After inspection of the vascular bed of the external nares specimens were de-mounted and re-mounted upside-down to inspect the internal nares vascular patterns.
The nasal swabs were collected within 24 h of admission to exclude colonization of the nares resulting from hospitalization.
aureus isolated from the nares of hospital personnel, reported 10% of the isolates to be resistant against ciprofloxacin16.
Regretting the anti-Islam/Muslim sentiments of the novel, Nares concluded:
This study helped us to find out the healthcare workers colonized with MRSA in their nasal nares.
Nares said is "healing.'' Being at the hospital where their only child left them gets easier when they can help other children.
Dogs with only one defect, such as stenotic nares, tend to fare better than those with multiple problems.
Samples were obtained using swabs from both the anterior nares and the oropharynx of each individual.
PARC being an apex body of agricultural research at national level runs all international collaboration and interacts with CGIAR centres and NARES. Germplasm acquisition from IRRI and distribution to the provincial scientists is the sole responsibility of PARC.