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NARRNarrative (teletype transmission)
NARRNorth American Regional Reanalysis (National Centers for Environmental Prediction)
NARRNorth American River Runners (whitewater rafting; Hico, WV)
NARRNorth American Rat Registry
NARRNasal Alar Rim Reconstructive (surgery)
NARRNet Annual Recurring Revenue
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If a narrative poem in any other metre or in many metres were now composed, it would be found incongruous.
In a drama, and to some extent in other forms of narrative, dramatic power culminates in the ability to bring out the great crises with supreme effectiveness.
To pass from the Characters to the Story, it will be seen that the narrative related in these pages has been constructed on a plan which differs from the plan followed in my last novel, and in some other of my works published at an earlier date.
In very many published narratives no little degree of attention is bestowed upon dates; but as the author lost all knowledge of the days of the week, during the occurrence of the scenes herein related, he hopes that the reader will charitably pass over his shortcomings in this particular.
DOUGLASS has very properly chosen to write his own Narrative, in his own style, and according to the best of his ability, rather than to employ some one else.
And in this double form he has cast the entire narrative of the events which occurred at Troy and in Ithaca and throughout the Odyssey.
In a condensed narrative the astonished Austin was told what had happened to himself and the world.
This narrative, if I have the strength and the courage to write it, may now go on.
The period of the narrative adopted was the reign of Richard I.
All drinkers begin socially, and this drinking is accompanied by a thousand social connotations such as I have described out of my own experience in the first part of this narrative.
I will not bore those whom this narrative may reach by an account of our luxurious voyage upon the Booth liner, nor will I tell of our week's stay at Para (save that I should wish to acknowledge the great kindness of the Pereira da Pinta Company in helping us to get together our equipment).
This latter part of her narrative she especially requested me to repeat to you.