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NATESNational Analysis of Trends in Emergencies System (Canada)
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Before Nate begins to mine however he is taken hostage by Lakota Sioux and given a choice: either be taken in by the band and live as one of them or be killed.
The books title story invites readers to consider the complicated ways in which a boys accidental drowning in a nearly frozen river serves to bring Nate and a young woman together at the dead boys house.
He would visit Tobi, of Market Drayton, in the Birmingham Children's Hospital often, and late last year Nate, who attends St Mary's Church of England in Mucklestone, decided to set himself 12 charity challenges to support the doctors helping his friend.
Most of the book deals with relationships: Florence's first lesbian relationship, Nate getting over Florence, and Nate's new attraction to Oliver, who is openly gay.
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