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NLQNatural Language Query
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NLQNatural Language Query (computer programming)
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Hence, a system that accepts a natural language query is greatly demanded.
PANTO [38] and NLP-Reduce [ 39] are two representative examples in the category of natural language query systems.
Ranking: Natural Language query translation generates multiple occurrences for a keyword.
[1] Gauri Rao, Chanchel Agarwal, Snehal Chaudry, Nikitha Kulkarni and Dr.S.H.Patel Natural Language Query Processing using Semantic Grammar in International Journal on Computer science Engineering, 2010.
Most of the natural language query processing systems available are constructed to function intelligently with a single locus of control.
Marvin Elder, a well-known database technologist and a pioneer in semantics and natural language query, started Semantra in 2003.
According to AberdeenGroup, companies demonstrating the highest levels of customer satisfaction, agent retention, and cost reduction leverage a combination of knowledge base, scripting, screen pop, and natural language query technologies.
The Discovery Solution 3.0 natural language query and knowledge mining system helps users to query data across a range of data sets and ontologies.
What about an updated FAQ or search function, or a natural language query service?
Users can also access information through Point & Query (Graesser et al., 1993) or a natural language query facility, as described later.
Unlike keyword searching which requires skillful use of Boolean operators like "AND" and "OR," concept searching has no required formatting or syntax--reviewers can enter a natural language query or paste entire paragraphs from a relevant document, and within seconds receive a list of all related documents, ranked by relevancy.
* Advanced Data Mining to ingest and process data by facilitating natural language query and categorization of unstructured, semistructured, and structured text, audio, and video in all foreign languages.
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