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The wanderings of our nautical Othello were thus brought to a conclusion.
His library, in addition to numerous works on philosophy and the fine arts, was composed of standard books of all classes, including, of course, a proportion of nautical literature.
You shall go there one day, and find them blundering through half the nautical terms in Young's Dictionary, apropos of the "Nancy" having run down the "Sarah Jane", or Mr.
Lucy Torres-Gomez (Leyte), through whose province the nautical highway runs, endorsed the resolution for adoption by the House in plenary.
In November 2004 she joined the Kyrenia Nautical Club, in 2006 the Thessaloniki Nautical Club, in 2014 the Ioannina Nautical Club, and in 2016 the Limassol Nautical Club.
Business ownership is part of the American Dream," attests Tom Gardiner, a longtime Nautical Boat Club[R] franchisee who took ownership of the company in 2012.
5 nautical mile "no-go-zone" along the northern maritime boundaries between Gazan waters and Israel.
Nautical Ventures has locations in Dania Beach and North Palm Beach.
West Nautical is a 20-year-old, industryleading yachting company which offers operational, technical management, corporate structure, full brokerage and charter services to super yacht owners and clients.
According to rules of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), navigation must be halted when visibility drops lower than three nautical miles.
The London Nautical is, in itself, a great piece of history.
The brokers for New York Nautical were Bridget Schuy and Joe Robinson of Bond New York Properties LLC.