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NEAPNovell Education Academic Partners
NEAPNational Environmental Action Plan
NEAPNational Environment Action Plan
NEAPNottingham Early Assessment Package (communication development)
NEAPNear Earth Asteroid Prospector (SpaceDev)
NEAPNational Educators Academy of the Philippines (Philippines Department of Education)
NEAPNeighbourhood Equipped Areas for Play (UK real estate development)
NEAPNational Environmental Action Programmes
NEAPNortheast Area Partnership
NEAPNear Equal As Possible (tides)
NEAPNewspaper Economic Action Plan (American Press Institute)
NEAPNature Ecotourism Accreditation Program (Australia)
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To examine the distribution of times of larval release by the Nihonotrypaea harmandi population on the Tomioka sandflat during a 24-h segment around a spring or neap tide period with different combinations of light--dark and tidal cycles, vertical hauling of a plankton net was conducted from anchored boats in Tomioka Bay, as follows.
Quanto as circunstancias nao profissionais que afetam a vida, estas estao relacionadas de forma significativa com o IGAP e o NEAP.
That light that I can't switch off in my brain since I read that Eaton & Eaton paper ten years ago tells me that the physiological norms scientifically demonstrated to be true of our ancestors do have something essential to teach us about what we should aspire to in terms of our food choices and nutritional intake today, and achieving an alkaline NEAP is central to this.
For the statistical analyses, density of abundant phytoplanktonic organisms were grouped according to i) tidal conditions: neap and spring tides; ii) time of the year: summer and winter seasons; and iii) year of survey: 2006 and 2007.
Students in Massachusetts may or may not be exceeding national averages in civics - until and unless NEAP and state education officials break out those scores and release them publicly, it is impossible to know.
The total average instantaneous biomass export transport was 98.1 [+ or -] 75.9 mgx[m.sup.-2]x[s.sup.-1] during spring tide and 31.46 [+ or -] 26.52 mgx[m.sup.-2]x[s.sup.-1] during neap tide (Melo Junior et al., 2007).
For example, Pugh discusses the "age of the tide", the lag of spring and neap tides behind full and new moon at which the solar and lunar tidal forces combine.
Uaysher is by Genus Hidalgo and out of Stockdales Mirtle; Ursi by Ronick Luke and out of Lumbylaw Neap.
The artist as a boy cannot neap but draw, sketching the sheep he watches.
The average depth of the estuary varies from 4 to 5 m; its semidiurnal tidal amplitude for neap tide varies from 0.5 to 1.5 m and for spring tide from 0.2 to 2 m.