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NECNational Electrical Code
NECNippon Electric Company, Ltd. (Japan; now simply NEC)
NECNational Electric Code
NECNational Exhibition Centre
NECNortheast Conference
NECNational Executive Committee (UK Labour Party)
NECNew England College (Henniker, NH)
NECNot Elsewhere Classified
NECNational Executive Council
NECNational Elections Commission
NECNortheast Corridor
NECNecrotizing Enterocolitis
NECNecromancer (Everquest)
NECNational Economic Council
NECNetwork Enterprise Center (US Army)
NECNot Even Close (band)
NECNortheast Corner (location in an intersection)
NECNational Examinations Council (Trinidad & Tobago)
NECNew England Conservatory of Music (since 1867; in Boston, Massachusetts)
NECNetwork Enabled Capability
NECNational Extension College (UK)
NECNavy Enlisted Classification
NECNiagara Escarpment Commission (Canada)
NECNew Embassy Compound
NECNumerical Electromagnetic Code
NECNederlands Elektrotechnisch Comite
NECNot Even Considered
NECNew England Council
NECNorth Equatorial Current
NECNeuroendocrine Convertase
NECNu Energy Collective
NECNational Entrepreneur Center (Orlando, FL)
NECNorth Eastern Coalfields (India)
NECNational Employment Council (Zimbabwe)
NECNuclear Energy Commission
NECNational Empowerment Center, Inc
NECNanoelectronics Conference (IEEE)
NECNecochea, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Necochea (Airport Code)
NECNon-Elective Contribution (to a qualified retirement plan)
NECNet Electric Charge
NECNational Ecology Center
NECNational Education Collaborative
NECNeuro Emotional Complexes
NECNorthern European Command
NECNortheast Center for Agricultural and Occupational Health
NECNavopache Electric Cooperative, Inc.
NECNew to Exporting Companies (Canada)
NECNuclear Energy Consultants, Inc (Rockville, MD)
NECNetwork Equipment Controller
NECNaval Exercise Coordinator
NECNetwork Event Collector
NECNijmeegse Eendrachts Combinatie
NeCNephrology Channel (website)
NECNetwork Enterprise Command
NECNational Environment Campaign
NECNascom Event Cancel
NECNew Engineering Contract (Institution of Civil Engineers; UK)
NECNational Essay Competition (various locations)
NECNational Ethics Committee (various organizations)
NECNational Enzyme Company (Forsyth, MO)
NECNational Europe Centre
NECNanyang Executive Centre (Singapore)
NECNational Episcopal Church
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In The Necromancer, the word 'horror' appears fifty-seven times in the following syntactic positions: Subject (x4); Direct Object (x8); in the prepositional phrases 'with horror' (x23) and 'of horror' (x18); and in other prepositional constructions (x4).
To the surprised and wondering Ansaldo, who, flanked by the necromancer, welcomes her, she responds:
This tells of a warrior named Cimlin, who had a friend who was a necromancer (a wizard who converses with spirits).
Today, television necromancer John Edward may try to provide solace instead of burning brimstone, but let's not forget he's allowing anyone who wishes to communicate with the dead: The medium is the message, and the message is we're all caught crossing over, in between.
TIME WAS, A self-respecting augur or necromancer could ply her trade in San Francisco without the long arm of the nanny state reaching into her pocket for money and the right paperwork.
The medieval necromancer and his representations were also the principle basis for the notion of the witch.
They've replaced the original Diablo's character types with five new ones: the amazon, the sorceress, the necromancer, the paladin and the barbarian.
A Byzantine Journey introduces the reader to an exotic cast of characters, including the impassioned aesthete Theophilius; the great mystical poet Rumi; the bishop and necromancer Theodor Santabarenos; and the Empress Theophano, "a dazzling figure wrapped in the smoke of rumour and slander".
His internationally celebrated trilogy of books, Necromancer, Count Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive, shifted for good the style and substance of science fiction away from the humanism of 1950s masters like Arthur C.
Vue Rhyl (Apollo) (Sun), Odeon Wrexham THE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES (12A), The Necromancer imprisons Gandalf and unleashes orcs upon the Lonely Mountain.
A newborn child not destined to survive is blessed by the Aspects of Time, Nature and Death in the hopes of creating a finely honed weapon capable of defeating the foul necromancer Bruab and his undead legions.
But Merlin's ancient nemesis Morgana Lefay is on the prowl - as are other greedy and ruthless antagonists, from drug-smuggling thugs to an ancient Chinese necromancer.