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NEEDNational Energy Education Development
NEEDNegro Educational Emergency Drive (est. 1963; Pittsburgh, PA)
NEEDNew England Entertainment Digest (est. 1979)
NEEDNurse Education, Expansion and Development Act
NEEDNetwork of Entrepreneurship & Economic Development
NEEDNurse Education in Erectile Dysfunction
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The ever patient one had waited a quarter of a century and more for me to reach my hand out in need of him.
And any normal man, of himself and his needs, demands some hours of his fellow men.
But if the trader goes empty-handed, having nothing which they require who would supply his need, he will come back empty-handed.
Then they will need a market-place, and a money-token for purposes of exchange.
As its holiest, it once loved "Thou-shalt": now is it forced to find illusion and arbitrariness even in the holiest things, that it may capture freedom from its love: the lion is needed for this capture.
"You need n't save any old silk gowns for me; I don't mean to be a fine lady when I grow up, I 'm going to be a farmer's wife, and make butter and cheese, and have ten children, and raise pigs," she added in one enthusiastic burst.
The Under-world being in contact with machinery, which, however perfect, still needs some little thought outside habit, had probably retained perforce rather more initiative, if less of every other human character, than the Upper.
This might well be written over his tomb, if any verse were needed to encompass him.
"How much has your aunt on hand now?" suggested the very modest and inexperienced agent; "and how much would she need?"
The superior nerve of women in all matters connected with love, from the casting of the first sheep's-eye down to the end of the honeymoon, is too well acknowledged to need comment.
We are quite solid inside our bodies, and have no need to eat, any more than does a potato."
'No need. Tell the villages to feed the Sahibs and pass them on, in peace.