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One was annoyed because his left pedal had come off, and the other because his tyre had become deflated, small and indeed negligible accidents by Bun Hill standards, due entirely to the ungentle handling of the delicate machines entrusted to them--and they failed to see clearly how they put themselves in the wrong by this method of argument.
Depa delisted its GDRs because the volume of global depositary receipts traded on the LSE was negligible and did not, in Depa's view, justify the related expenses of the listing, it added.
In that study, which used gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, a method to identify certain substances in a test sample, the ministry said the findings showed some negligible amounts of VOCs were found.
Based on climatological probabilities, there are negligible chances of La Nina, but there are higher chances of El Nino or neutral conditions at the end of 2017,' Solis said.
There is considerable support for the view that if we could secure BSE Negligible Risk status, it could help improve our global image as a disease-free area and possibly provide access to new markets across the world for our premium exports.
Weight management is expected to continue to grow, with a predicted negligible value CAGR at constant 2015 prices over the forecast period, to reach C$156 million in 2020.
The policy, he said, was revised in 2014 and import of live cattle from countries declared as Negligible Risk by International Animal Health Organization (OIE) was allowed.
Veterinary advice is that as the risk of transmission from these animals is now negligible, they do not need to be slaughtered.
The agency told the hospitals "there is negligible risk of infection with the agents normally addressed by the donor screening programme.
Negligible risk for epidemics after geophysical disasters.
Although one supplement degraded all the oxalate, the others degraded negligible amounts.
Their number isn't negligible anymore, and they are, unfortunately, the same Republican Party of which Eisenhower was president.