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NEGSNew England Girls' School (New Souh Wales, Australia)
NEGSNew England Guitar Society (Milford, CT)
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However, there is little attention in the business model literature to how personal, non-economic goals (NEGs) of owners influence business model choices.
Activation is a process that's required for NEGs. When the getter material is exposed to air for handling or loading into a system or device, the material's surface will "skin over" with reacted gases.
Rulemaking may range from a traditional and directive process ("Do this thing that way by Tuesday.") to a collaborative process (known as a negotiated rulemaking or reg neg).
Overall, the regression results show that participants in reg negs are more satisfied with the overall process than are participants in conventional rule making--mostly because they believe they get a better rule out of the process, but partly because some aspects of the process work well.
We have Cronenberg sex, which wins audacity awards while at the same time as it distressed media mogul Ted Turner so much that he tried to buy and burn the negs for Crash.
191; Giulio Busini to Belisario Vinta, 14 and 29 May, 10 July 1584, Negs. Tosc., IV, 506, 508, 519; Henri de La Tour d'Auvergne, vicomte de Turenne, duc de Bouillon, Memoires, vol.
The credibility that emanates from this relationship can pay off in the public policy arena, either with proposed environmental legislation or in the regulatory formulation process, e.g., EPA regulatory negotiations (also referred to as "reg negs").
The government is also creating 100 National Enterprise Groups (NEGs) to rationalize and restructure industry in 12 subsections, with competition maintained by having more than one NEG subsidiary in each sector of industry.
They saw the negs being shot, the plates burned and their 2,000 copies come off the press.
Of the remaining 100, 46 are higher education institutions (HEIs), 18 are state education agencies (SEAs), 18 are not-for-profit organizations (NFPs), 15 are independent charter boards (ICBs), and 3--the Indianapolis mayor's office, the Milwaukee Common Council, and Cherokee Nation--are noneducational government authorizers (NEGs).