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NAVNet Asset Value
NAVNavision (software)
NAVNorton Anti-Virus
NAVNemzeti Adó- és Vámhivatal (Hungarian: National Tax and Customs Administration)
NAVNational Assembly of Vietnam
NAVNerve Action Potential
NAVNorton anti Virus
NAVNy Arbeids- og Velferdsforvaltning (Norwegian)
NAVNetwork Allocation Vector
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NAVVoltage Gated Sodium Channel
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NAVNo Added Value
NAVNew Authorized Version (New King James Version of the Bible)
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NAVNon-Aqueous Volatiles
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Since current net asset value and production of residual profit determine value, and since the typical small accounting practice generates, at best, little more than fair compensation for its owners, there is no residual profit, no goodwill value and, in addition, no value to the practice beyond current net asset value.