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These patterns for ontogeny and regional specialization of the neurofilament proteins are in agreement with earlier results (Capano et al.
The presence of ganglion cells, readily confirmed by staining for neuron-specific enolase and neurofilament, sets ganglioneuromas apart from other neurogenic spindle cell lesions such as neurofibroma.
Cytokeratin and neurofilament protein staining in Merkel cell carcinoma of the small cell type and small cell carcinoma of the lung.
This staining technique, used to identify neurofilament proteins in many species, did not produce positive results.
28) The neurofilament marker (figure 2A), which is used to differentiate other types of neural tumors of neural, like the neuroma, was also negative.
Unstained sections were further processed for S-100 and neurofilament immunostaining according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Immunohistochemical analysis of neurofilament (Figure 1C), neuron-specific enolase (NSE) (Figure 1D), glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) (1D inset) and S100 (Figure 1E) showed a positive reaction in the cytoplasm of ganglion cells, extending to their cellular processes.
Immunoreactivity for synaptophysin and neurofilament proteins in various studies have ranged from 38% to 100% and from 8% to 71%, respectively.
Phosphorylation of neurofilament proteins and chromatolysis following transection of rat sciatic nerve.
On the other hand, nuclear chromatin staining by DAPI showed no change of chromatins in clivorine-treated PCI 2 cells (5 to 25 [micro]M); while neurofilament, staining by NF68, showed significantly decrease of neurite length in PC12 cells exposed to 25 [micro]M divorine (Fig.
Alpha-internexin is structurally and functionally associated with the neurofilament triplet protein the mature CNS.
Axons stain with neuron specific enolase and neurofilament proteins.