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NMONeuromyelitis Optica
NMONursing and Midwifery Order (UK)
NMONormal Moveout
NMONormal Manual Operation
NMONetwork Management Option
NMONetwork Management Office
NMONetwork Mode of Operation
NMONederlandse Moslim Omroep (Dutch: Dutch Muslim Broadcasting)
NMONew Motorola (antenna mounting)
NMONational Member Organisation
NMONASA Management Office (JPL)
NMONetwork Maintenance Operative
NMONational Marketing Online (Florida)
NMONational Marketing Organization
NMONon-Magnetic Option (antenna)
NMONational Measurement Office (UK)
NMONetwork Mode of Operation (GSM)
NMONumber of Methods Overridden
NMOnonmachinable outside (US Postal Service; manually handled US postal mail)
NMONetwork Management Operations
NMONon-Molestation Order
NMONew Management Orientation
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They provide evidence and experience-based information on the history of the disease, its pathology and pathophysiology, epidemiology and natural history, and genetics; symptoms and signs, diagnosis, the use of magnetic resonance imaging, tools and tests, and differential diagnosis; treatments and therapies; rehabilitation and management of symptoms like fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, pain, spasticity, and sexual dysfunction, including the use of complementary and alternative medicine; special issues like pediatric cases, women's issues, associated comorbidities, societal issues, patient-oriented comprehensive care, and caregiving; and the related diseases of neuromyelitis optica and acute disseminated encephalomyelitis.
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Neuromyelitis optica, or Devic's disease, is a unique idiopathic WM inflammatory process in which there is an auto-antibody response against astrocytic aquaporin 4.