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NTLNational Transportation Library
NTLNational Training Laboratories
NTLNothing to Lose
NTLNone the Less
NTLNorsk Tjenestemannslag
NTLNational Training Laboratory
NTLNever Too Late
NTLNumber Theory Library
NTLNational Transcommunications Limited (UK television & media)
NTLNatural Law Party (also seen as NLP)
NTLNational Testing Laboratory (Red Cross)
NTLNo Time Lost
NTLNotice to Lessees and Operators
NTLNonStop Technical Library (Hewlett-Packard)
NTLNewcastle, New South Wales, Australia - Williamtown (Airport Code)
NTLNeed the Loo
NTLNational Technology Laboratory
NTLNizky Tlak (Czech: Low Pressure)
NTLNational Temperance League
NTLNuclear Technology Laboratory
NTLNonstandard Template Library (C++ programming)
NTLNotified Testing Laboratory
NTLNational City Lines, Inc. (NYSE symbol)
NTLNon Technological Liability
NTLNeon Test Light
NTLNon-Uniform Transmission Line
NTLNuclear Thermionics Laboratory
NTLNorske Tropefuglforeningers Landsforbund (Norwegian bird association)
References in classic literature ?
Nevertheless, I put my light out early, and sat a long time peeping through my blind; but only an inevitable Tom, with back hunched up and tail erect, broke the moonlit profile of the back-garden wall; and once more that disreputable music (which none the less had saved my life) was the only near sound all night.
Nevertheless I am most nearly doing so when I lie down beside him on the floor and he puts an arm about my neck.
Nevertheless, in order to play the part of critic also, the poet might have developed this beautiful idea in something less than two hundred lines.
Nevertheless, in spite of vagueness and doubtful cases, the existence of cycles in the behaviour of animals is a broad characteristic by which they are prima facie distinguished from ordinary matter; and I think it is this characteristic which leads us to attribute desires to animals, since it makes their behaviour resemble what we do when
Nevertheless the sensation involving discomfort remains the prime mover.
Thus what was originally a false opinion as to the object of a desire acquires a certain truth: the false opinion generates a secondary subsidiary desire, which nevertheless becomes real.
Nevertheless, desire for beliefs, as opposed to desire for facts, is exceedingly potent both individually and socially.
Nevertheless, you have not been forgotten in our plans, and we have fully ascertained beforehand that Valentine's future husband will consent, not to live in this house, for that might not be pleasant for the young people, but that you should live with them; so that you and Valentine, who are so attached to each other, would not be separated, and you would be able to pursue exactly the same course of life which you have hitherto done, and thus, instead of losing, you will be a gainer by the change, as it will secure to you two children instead of one, to watch over and comfort you.
But you are unable to oppose them, -- you, whose mind is so quick, and whose will is so firm are nevertheless, as weak and unequal to the contest as I am myself.
Never mind that," said Barrois; "I shall go and fetch a notary, nevertheless," -- and the old servant departed triumphantly on his mission.
Whereas those that be strongest by land, are many times nevertheless in great straits.
There be now, for martial encouragement, some degrees and orders of chivalry; which nevertheless are conferred promiscuously, upon soldiers and no soldiers; and some remembrance perhaps, upon the scutcheon; and some hospitals for maimed soldiers; and such like things.