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In comparison with Spitz nevi, Lott et al (3) showed that spitzoid melanomas have a slight male predominance and tend to occur at a later age (mean, 55 years).
Congenital melanocytic nevi and nevus spilus have a tendency to follow the lines of Blaschko: an examination of 200 cases.
Garbe and coworkers found that the melanocytic nevi counts increased from a median of 2 at age 2 years to 20 at age 7.
The relationship between tanning and number of nevi was independent of the child's hair and eye color, parent-reported sun exposure and skin phototype.
A delayed diagnosis of melanoma in pregnant patients illustrates that physicians should treat changing nevi exactly the same in pregnant and nonpregnant patients, and biopsy the moles promptly.
For example, nevi characterized dermoscopically by a peripheral rim of globules were found to be vastly more common during the first 3 decades of life than later.
Although radiofrequency and electrocautery are commonly used for removing congenital acquired melanocytic nevi (CAMN), the nonspecific thermal damage induced by these techniques and the consequent cosmetic results do not justify their use in CAMN, removal of which is largely a cosmetic concern.
In our case, the nevus depigmentosus underwent an unusual change, development of pigmented nevi.
Patient clinical records were reviewed for age, sex, and laterality of eye in which the nevi were located.
Material and Method: One hundred ninety-six acquired acral melanocytic nevi of 131 patients were evaluated retrospectively in this study.
Benign choroidal nevi and small melanomas share many characteristics, including colour, location and size.