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Design categories recognize appropriate newsletter design in the same breakdowns as the editorial ones.
This October, J@pan Inc kicks-off the latest addition to its newsletter offerings: Japan Automotive News, a guide for helping foreigners navigate Japan's automotive industry.
Our homebound people have been calling us every day, wanting to know where their newsletter is,'' she said.
You'll want to let the person choose whether he or she receives plain text or an HTML-formatted newsletter, since many people can't receive HTML e-mails.
Scientific American publishes the magazine of the same name, nine foreign editions of the title, and Cancer Smart Newsletter.
Of special interest to newsletter editors is a 47-page insert by Parker called Newsletters for Dummies.
A special, limited-time offer might entice the newsletter prospect to give up personal information online.
Senville is editor of Planning Commissioners Journal, a newsletter about basic planning and land use issues.
The National Institute of Business Management (NIBM) was created from acquisitions from Research Institute of America in 1987 and in 1991-92 the spectacularly successful Louis Rukeyser investment newsletter was launched (and the last business newsletters from the original Cap Pub were sold).
For example, putting an electronic newsletter into a bulletin board format is the kiss of death.
I pitched him an idea for a newsletter venture, publishing in healthcare, the area I knew about.