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publishers, like the Times or the Daily News, should have teamed up to save the newsstand with incentives by offering, for example, to sell subscriptions on their behalf with pick-ups at any newsstand.
But the spike in newsstand sales for the anti-Obama issue present the clearest evidence yet that such covers can make a significant difference in the retail trenches.
In the initial days after the iOS 5 release, Newsstand publishers reported exponential increases in app downloads and significant growth in subscriptions.
But then Apple approached us not long before they launched Newsstand, because we were building this new product anyway, saying 'we would like you to be in Newsstand for launch; can you do it?
Also at its release, Newsstand has only a few newspaper apps to its name -- the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, The Oklahoman and London's Guardian -- while most of those on the service are magazine publishers, including Cond Nast's Wired, New Yorker and Vanity Fair.
This comes five weeks after Adobe announced that Adobe Digital Publishing Suite will include full support for iOS 5 Newsstand subscriptions.
Publishers will be able to use Digital Publishing Suite to create files that are detected by Newsstand and automatically downloaded to the Newsstand shelf, eliminating long downloads times which can present a barrier to reading content on iPad devices.
com) builds and engages audiences online, in print, and at the newsstand.
Gregory Mark Burgess, with his trademark beard and broad smile, sold magazines and doled out free advice to anyone and everyone who stopped at the landmark Sherman Oaks Newsstand at the corner of Ventura and Van Nuys boulevards.
73 percent of customers indicate that convenience of delivery is the primary factor contributing to their purchase of NewsStand.
NewsStand currently produces exact digital replicas of 37 leading publications, including The New York Times, Barron's, Harvard Business Review, The China Daily, The Globe and Mail, International Herald Tribune, and The Australian.
Postal Service; the other 25% are purchased from retail outlets such as grocery stores, newsstands, and drugstores.