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NIDINederlands Interdisciplinair Demografisch Instituut (Dutch: Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute; Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences)
NIDINickel Development Institute
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1) But as a NIDI researcher admitted to me last year, "the ICPD categories don't work.
Private nidi fees are generally higher than those of municipal programs, although the private nidi also offer longer and more flexible hours.
Es la simpatica diva que cantara con el acompanamiento de piano, violoncello, flautas y clarinetes del Uberbretti Ensemble, bajo la direccion de Alessandro Nidi, las tres noches en el Teatro Juarez, 18, 19 y 20 de octubre.
A major contributor to the comedy's unflagging energy, the soundtrack features music from top alternative bands Almamegretta and Nidi d'Arac, as well as a quirky string version of the Clash hit "Should I Stay or Should I Go.
Those first, random shots were followed by a sustained barrage of fire, excellently aimed, with, among others, Calvino's Il sentiero dei nidi di ragno (1947), Racconti (1958), Gli antenati (1957-59), and Cosmicomiche (1965), Sanguineti's Laborintus (1956), Flaiano's Diario notturno (1956), Gadda's Pasticciaccio (1957), Arbasino's Parigi o cara (1960) and Fratelli d'Italia (1963), Ginzburg's Lessico familiare (1963), Meneghello's Libera nos (1963) and I piccoli maestri (1964), Giuliani's and Balestrini's anthologies of Gruppo 63 (1964), Zanzotto's IX Ecloghe (1957-60), and so on, down to Celati's first book, Comiche (1971).
1995), The Future of Early Retirement: A Scenario Analysis for the Dutch Public Sector, NIDI, The Hague.
However, the presence of the antimicrobial does prevent accumulation and multiplication of microorganisms on the interior surfaces of the air handling system, which assists in keeping microbial levels lower and in a steady state, with less chance of microbial release and aerosolization, influenced by air temperature, humidity (24,25), and velocity (26), or formation of nidi in various parts of the air handling system (11).
Calvino's work in the Resistance inspired two of his early books of fiction, the Neorealistic novel Il sentiero dei nidi di ragno (1947; The Path to the Nest of Spiders) and the collection of stories entitled Ultimo viene il corvo (1949; Adam, One Afternoon, and Other Stories ).
The registers were earlier used by demographic historians working for the NIDI (the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institutes), where Van Poppel also works.
and what sorts of objects (or situations) might be nidi for virtue?
Calvino's first novel, Il sentiero dei nidi di ragno (1947; translated as The Path to the Nest of Spiders, 1956), written when he was only twenty - four, was based on his wartime experiences in the Italian Resistance.
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